Mise en Abyme

Spiritual materialism is one of the harshest obstacles to being. And it is a strange irony that those on the path to ego-less-ness tend to be some of the most unapologetic narcissists.

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That Which Propagates

There is a great deal of confusion over evolution, beginning with precisely what that term embodies.  A lot of folklore has been produced on this subject and Richard Dawkins seems to be responsible for some of the more memorable tales.  One of his more notable introductions is the field of memetics to evolutionary biology. Dawkins […]

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Against Analogy

An unpopular position in these popular times: Pop-science has existed for some time and seems to have become a well-defined feature of public education since the atomic age.  It’s rarely been done right and most often written so poorly, that much of it deserves that withering label of “not even wrong.”  With the rise of […]

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