Mise en Abyme

Spiritual materialism is one of the harshest obstacles to being. And it is a strange irony that those on the path to ego-less-ness tend to be some of the most unapologetic narcissists.

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Man in the Mandala

I was born a child of western thought. Raised in the Greeks, Hegel was the furthest I strayed from their iterations and footnotes.  Through some odd bent of my nature, or perhaps by initiation into Hegel alone, I found myself playing with thought and mind outside the mechanical routine; that game of logically possible where […]

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Die Leere (Part 1)

mediation may be the type of enlightenment we need to alter the base model of man to become a space faring species without biological intervention, but it will dead end in about 50,000 years, and that grand incentive might mislead us from taking deeper alternative seriously for that amount of time.

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