To be simple is to be preeminently sane, to strive for a desperate normalcy, and to be extra ordinary.  It means to sit straight in a chair, with your shoulders back, and your heart open.  Not projecting an image with odd postures and social stances, trying to create a cloud around yourself.

This is not the same as being extraordinarily ordinary or seeing significance in your insignificance.   Nor should it be confused with the tenets of the cult of authenticity, which by our count seems to be in its fourth iteration and will hopefully soon die it’s fourth death.

Stop managing your image, worrying about image formation, and by no means should you ever broker with an other’s image.  Past the image there is the commonality of man, and it’s a far more interesting subject of conversation than your trappings and the marks of your caste.

From the inside-out you realize that everyday consciousness is it, that you’re it—tat tvam asi—and from the outside-in you realize that that is you—all the shit.

It is a matter of being honest—and what does honesty mean when there is no truth…

You’re not unique and you’re not special, but neither is the person sitting next to you—and really… that’s entirely okay.  So get to know yourself.

Artwork: Black Circle; Kazimir Malevich


4 thoughts on “Simple

  1. i’m into us not being special. There is something i can appreciate about the mundane: there is no urgency to alter things too much, but to be content. i am working on this, definitely not there, but i am trying in my poems & photography to train myself to be more mundane. i can see the use in it but whether i am perfectly content egoistically to be nothing special is another matter, i don’t know the boundaries is all.

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    1. It makes sense in both ways and more. I see the boundary exploration in your work. Are the boundaries drawn from a center or do they suggest a center? A comment to a very different effect and still “true:”

      But every man is more than just himself; he also represents the unique, the very special and always significant and remarkable point at which the world’s phenomena intersect, only once in this way and never again. ~Hesse

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      1. What i depict in the environment quite often, reflects my mood so it is a manifestation of mood, a projection of the inside, outside; but only because of artifice can the parallel happen & carry any meaning, at least for me. i probably wouldn’t be in a habit of finding my mood in the world’s arrangements, were i not a poet. i am not entirely comfortable being candid, i do sometimes, but on the whole, it seems more a matter, for a poet, to work with the metonym, metaphor, simile etc. You may argue this is an evasion from the truth, it is merely a more comfortable position from which to speak it.
        The Hesse quote pretty much expresses what i am trying to say: “the world’s phenomena intersect” if i am a phenomena of the world then what i do is intersect, interact with it.

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