Subjective Distance

One of the more useful distances that can be formed is seeing life as a text. Always choosing what would make for a better story.  Choosing one narrative over another leaves the other closed off to you.  This insight is one of the first marks of karmic view, not as a moralized theory of “the universe will get you back for me, because I am right and you are wrong,” but as theory of causality.  Much of what is “good” comes down to what is nice, that social thing, ‘respecting’ a person’s ego and agency, the story and narrative of their life.  But why would I care about your story?  I’ve likely read it before and it’s probably poorly written.  Viewing the world as a text is one of the more useful distances that can be formed, as you are not the protagonist, but the world is.  It is a good story, but the spirit of man is rarely read and poorly tended to.

Narrative is mnemonic, narrative is a distance, it does not hold veracity, it cannot be said to be true.  Does a dream have meaning while dreamt?  Does life have meaning while lived?

Because this separation is in us, not the world.  There is some correspondence but how to does that correspondence arise.  We can only talk about it from our view? No…  Then we will carry on our dualistic agendas and continue on our course.

 A narrative complex is a projection of systems view, from another place the stars look different, the parallax alters the context. A constellation can guide a man across a sea, but not the stars.
Artwork: The Thought; Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis


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