Better Living Through Dreaming (Part 1)

The panoply of phenomena that can be witnessed near sleep and while dreaming are endless.  Here in lies one method for near sleep exploration.

While falling asleep, with your eyes closed, focus on the ambient noise being heard.  Without moving, shift your attention to your left ear and then to your right.  Try to “hear” with or focus your attention on only one ear at a time.  Do this rhythmically, alternating between each until there is clockwork sensation to it all.  I had found that my eyes follow my attention(a visual bias for attention), this can disappear over time, but should not be resisted.  As this is done, the most remarkable splitting can be achieved with great regularity.  As the focus—the attention—is left preoccupied, awareness remains and the quality of mind is greatly altered.  Other theatres of consciousness come into “view,” now that that thing that flits about when one has had too much coffee has been put aside.  The sense data of the optic nerve can still be seen, the colors or shot noise one sees with eyes closed in the dark.  The Cartesian theatre is also in sight( with coronal orientation, a plane parallel to the back of the eyes), though not so fixating and all consuming.  Thought and its error neatly lie there.  There is a theatre that occasionally feels like it has a distinctly space like character that can be sensed on the sides of the brain(oriented parasagittally and almost certainly a bias produced by personal knowledge of functioning attributed to the parietal region).  There is another view sensed dorsally(oriented transversely) on the surface of the skull and another just above (though disconnected) and parallel to the one just below it.  These two possess a character that is very unlike daily life and one can sense a kind of perfect understanding of relation, however that relation might be structured.  It is worth mentioning that the shapes of these theatres are not planar or even two dimensional.  Further descriptions on the character of these theatres are left as exercises for the reader.

While moving between these spaces(perhaps being too analytical, trying to organize and categorize the character of these regions), one might begin to hear a tone, the kind of ring heard before an emergency broadcast—an announcement to please standby while reality falls away.  This can be followed by a buzz, the kind of hum coming off of a Tibetan singing bowl.  Where you go from there is less organized.  Variations abound while experimenting with this technique.  The introduction of warmness, or degrees of paralysis at different stages can apply, but ordering is difficult when order is beginning to fall away.  This buzz is reported by people who take certain psychedelics and is one of more intriguing parallels between dreaming and psychotropics.  The “else-wheres” one inevitably ends up describing are a subject for later discussion.


6 thoughts on “Better Living Through Dreaming (Part 1)

  1. that “buzzing like a Tibetan singing bowl” is an interesting phenomena as the bowl oms in an effort to mimic the hum of the universe the voice of Brahman, so hearing it at such a juncture between sleep & dream (do i have that right?) is a beautiful coincidence. thanks for following. i’ll be following too.


    1. Thanks for following. That buzzing can also be replicated, at least personally. It can be difficult to approach mathematicians and scientists with this subject. You often have to couch it in sentiments of a-dogmatic investigation. Sam Harris seems to have opened up a wider range of people to the idea of meditation(and made these discussions with scientists easier), but I’ve begun to air my criticisms of that description elsewhere. I have friends who have told me that they’ve heard similar tones while on psychedelics(mostly cognitive scientists/neuroscientists). Unfortunately most scientists will shutoff if you approach them with the “voice of Brahman” description right away. “Dreaming” is used idiosyncratically here, as states distinct from waking life, though not necessarily tied to sleep. I’ll be checking in regularly Daniel, and thanks again for the follow!

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      1. O yes, i used to practice meditation & entertain Brahmic notions (shall we say) & had some conversations with scientists who were so adamant to shoot down my whole doing of those ‘notions’ in tandem with meditation. i never wanted to persuade them, they took it on themselves, like a promise to society, to, when confronted with such things, shoot them out of the sky without regard for what a person wants for themselves. fortunately they didn’t care to probe enough to realize that i was experimenting & not forcing a dogma on myself or others.
        scientists can get a bit full of themselves at times.
        i don’t do any of those things now, didn’t work for me. too many charlatans around & i just sort of fell out of favour with it. my blog was originally devoted to dreams originally. i would put my dreams on & analysis quite thoroughly with asides to literature, philosophy or anything relevant. no one, literally no one read it, so packed it up.
        i had a few peculiar instances with dreams. some came true (though what came to pass was mundane, it was nevertheless quite unbelievable). some became deja vu & some just helped me overcome difficult times or make decisions. i still have very affecting dreams now, especially very stressful dreams about maths tests, which exhaust me. my dreams are usually stressful. graphic visuals of people dying. being left in darkness. or being late or being duped as to deadlines. i am not actually a dark person, but my dreams are for some reason. i had a nice one last night where i spent time with a forager who lived on the Yorkshire moors & we hung out, talked plants, cooked, played some music. it was cool.
        i’m waffling now. nice to talk dreams. i don’t give them so much attention so when the topic arises i go into a tangent. i’ll stop.


      2. I can imagine how poorly your discussions with scientists went! There is a way to approach it, but you must have already established yourself to them as a great rationalist. Even then, you must be a scientist(professionally or a degree in the hard scientists). Appealing to their speculative and investigative side is often the only way in. Charlatans abound, there are few genuine articles left; I suspect that most hide out quietly in other fields. Dreams that come true are the oddest things, they’re rarely difficult to explain away, but the uncanny ones stick. Waffle away! It’s always nice to talk dreams…

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      3. the dream that came true was: i was working in a restaurant & walked from behind the bar to the back & there was a girl cleaning the cutlery. she had a bob cut, sorta short n’ plumpish & in all back, behind her a window where light poured in. when i saw her i told her that i just had deja vu. but i kept thinking that it was not from reality but a dream. so when i got home i scoured through my journal 2-3 months prior & lo & behold there was my description of what i saw. thing is. when i had that dream the restaurant wasn’t there. i didn’t know the owners so i couldn’t have been told of its being planned. i didn’t know the girl then i met her when we started working there & she was from another town, which i never visited because i had no cause to. the geography of the building was the same in my dream as in reality. a very strange coincidence. i don’t claim it to be anything other than something that happened. whatever the implications, i don’t have the ego to debate, it happened, & i am glad it did, but as for trying to prove it again, i wouldn’t know where to begin.
        you had anything similar happen?

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